What skills do you have to buy toilets?



The heavier the toilet, the better the average toilet weight is about 50 Jin, and the good toilet is about 100 Jin. The weight of the toilet is large and the quality is better.

Toilet selection techniques, weight

The heavier the toilet, the better the average toilet weight is about 50 Jin, and the good toilet is about 100 Jin. The weight of the toilet is large and the quality is better. A simple way to test the weight of the toilet: pick up the lid of the water tank with both hands, and weigh the weight.

Toilet shopping tips two, outlet

The bottom of the toilet had better be a drain hole, now many brands are 2-3 drain holes (according to different calibres), but the more drain holes, the more impact of impulse. Bathroom outlet has drainage and horizontal drainage, to measure the distance between the center of the outlet and the wall behind the tank, buy the same type of toilet to "seat from the seat, otherwise the toilet can not be installed. The outlet of the horizontal drainage toilet should be equal to the height of the horizontal drainage outlet, preferably slightly higher, so as to ensure the smooth sewage flow. 30 cm of the middle and lower water toilet: 20 to 25 cm of the rear water toilet; distance over 40 cm of the front water toilet. If the model is slightly wrong, the water will not work well.

Toilet shopping tips three, glaze

Pay attention to the glaze of the toilet. The quality of the toilet should be smooth and smooth without foaming and color saturation. After inspecting the outer surface glaze, you should also touch the toilet sewer, if rough, then easy to cause hanging.

Toilet purchase skills four, caliber

Large diameter sewage pipe with glazed inner surface is not easy to hang dirty, sewage quickly and effectively prevent blockage. Test method, put the whole hand into the toilet mouth, generally can have a palm capacity is the best.

Toilet shopping tips five, water tank

Except for the obvious sound of dripping, it is not easy to detect the leakage of the toilet tank. The simple inspection method is to drop blue ink into the toilet tank and see if there is any blue water flowing out of the toilet outlet after stirring. To remind you, the water tank has to choose a higher height, so the impact is very good. (Note: the amount of flush below 6 liters can be classified as a water-saving toilet.)

Toilet shopping tips six, water parts

Water directly determines the service life of the toilet. Brand toilet and ordinary toilet water quality is very different, because almost every family has experienced the pains of water tank, so when choosing the toilet, do not neglect this part of the water, the identification method is to listen to the sound of buttons to make a crisp sound is the best.

Toilet purchase skills seven, flush water

From a practical point of view, the toilet should first have the basic functions of scouring thoroughly. Therefore, flushing mode is very important, toilet flushing is divided into direct flushing, rotating siphon, whirlpool siphon, jet siphon. Attention should be paid to different drainage modes: toilets can be divided into "flushing type", "siphon flushing type" and "siphon whirlpool type" by the way of launching. The flushing and siphon flushing water injection capacity is about 6 litres, strong sewage discharge capacity, but the sound is loud when flushing, while the swirling water consumption is large, but there is a good silence effect. Consumers may as well try a direct-flushing siphon toilet, which has both the advantages of direct flushing and siphon, can quickly flush dirt, but also play a role in water saving.



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